Ocean and Air Freight from the US and Canada
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What is included in the price for air freight from the US

Air freight from the USA is the fastest mode of transportation and, accordingly, the most expensive. The price for air freight from the United States includes the following charges:

Example: Air freight from NY (JFK), USA to VILNIUS, LT $2.70/kg + charges for fuel and security $1.25/kg, the total overall rate is $3.95/kg.

ВIf the volume weight exceeds the actual weight of cargo, air freight is paid according to the volume weight.

Cargo volume weight

Due to the limited volume of the aircraft’s cargo compartment, when transporting cargo by air, the term "volume weight" is used.

This is due to the fact that the air carrier wants to perform its flight under the most profitable conditions: with average volume of the cargo compartment of 150 m3 and load capacity of 25,000 kg, it is much more profitable for the carrier to fill the free space with the heaviest possible weight (equipment, machinery, metal items) rather than with voluminous and light cargo (bed pillows).

On the basis of these conditions, the term "volume weight" is used. Cargo volume weight is calculated using the following formula:

Example: the box size is (width x length x height) 1 x 1 x 2 = 2 m3; 2 m3 x 167 = 334 kg of volume weight.