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Features of cargo pallets

Pallet (PLT, PLL) is a specialized transport package for shipping, assembly, stacking and storage of goods.

Паллета (PLT, PLL) Паллета (PLT, PLL)

The use of pallets for shipping goods reduces the loading and unloading time and allows more efficient use of working space. Using the pallet (tray) you can form many-tier load units preventing the structure form falling apart due to the stacking system and own weight of each unit.

Pallets can be made of wood, plastic, steel and other light alloys. Carrying capacity of pallets (trays) depends on their production characteristics. Average dead weight is 35-40 lb, dimensions for loading cargo is 42 * 42 * 60 inch.

When shipping goods, we use certified European and Finnish pallets in accordance with international transportation requirements.