Ocean and Air Freight from the US and Canada
10:09 / Monday

Purchase and shipment of goods from the US and Canada

It's no secret that buying a variety of goods in the US online stores is profitable. But it is not always easy: most of the stores do not accept payments from non-US residents and just few of them carry goods outside the United States. Besides, shipping by USPS is not always advantageous, if you have heavy or oversize package.

We provide our clients with services for buying and shipping goods from any online stores in the US and Canada.

ATLANTIC FREIGHT is an authorized carrier, which has a number of tangible benefits for our customers:

The Company’s commission is only 10% of the amount of your purchases. When you buy for more than $ 15,000, the terms are negotiated individually.

The Company’s customers have an opportunity to easily and profitably buy any goods:

Send your request for shipping from the United States and receive an offer that works for your business.

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