Ocean and Air Freight from the US and Canada
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Cargo insurance from the US

Freight transportation by any mode of transport, be it sea, land or air transport, is always connected with some risk of loss, partial or total damage. ATLANTIC FREIGHT offers the international transport insurance.

The insurance policy covers all stages of transportation, from loading on vehicles to unloading at the port of receipt. As the beneficiary of the policy, the customer gets full coverage of an insured event, if any.

We provide our clients with the insurance service under the fullest insurance conditions "All Risks", which means "With responsibility for all risks, except*." The term "except" means the consequences of war, piracy, confiscation, civil commotion, impact of the nuclear explosion and radiation on the goods, and violations of transportation rules.

The insurance premium rate is determined depending on the cargo type and value, transportation conditions and other factors. According to the terms of the insurance companies, the cost of the policy consists of the following:

СInsurance of the goods shipped from the United States and Canada is an effective way to minimize the risks of your business. Contact our experts for more information.

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