Ocean and Air Freight from the US and Canada
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Purchase and delivery of cars from auctions

ATLANTIC FREIGHT provides its clients with the services for the purchase and transportation of any cars from the US auctions Copart, Manheim, eBay Motors, and Cars.com. An important advantage of working with ATLANTIC FREIGHT is that you buy services on a turnkey basis. We do not resort to the services of intermediaries, and all stages of the work are carried out by our specialists:

How to buy a car at auction

When buying a car at auction, the client needs to understand that all vehicles are sold "AS IS", ie before the purchase you cannot start the engine/ check the condition of assemblies, etc. The optimal solution is to check the car by CARFAX for accidents, theft, repairs, etc.

Also, the customer can order additional parts and accessories that will be loaded into the container with the car.

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