Ocean and Air Freight from the US and Canada
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Purchase and delivery of water transport from the US

ATLANTIC FREIGHT provides comprehensive solutions in the field of water transport:

Vast experience of the ATLANTIC FREIGHT specialists allows them to perform all stages of the delivery safely and as quickly as possible. Buying a yacht is just the beginning; the main difficulty is its delivery to the port, loading aboard a ship and transportation to the port of destination.

The cost of transportation of such equipment is always individual and depends on many factors: boat size, conditions of shipment from the seller’s warehouse, need for installation works to provide safe transportation in accordance with the requirements of a shipping line.

If the boat size does not allow the transportation by a 40' container, it can be shipped by a Ro-Ro vessel.

Send your request for shipping from the United States and receive an offer that works for your business.

ATLANTIC FREIGHT guarantees reliable services.

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